Louise Gorrigan

Leading you and your best friend on the road to a calm and cooperative future

What does an Amichien® trained Dog Listener provide?


— A Rewarding Future

By learning how to build a cooperative and rewarding bond with your canine companion, restoring calm to your home.


— A Positive Approach

You will learn how to engage with your dog in a way it understands by using positive encouragement.


— Freedom From Gadgets

By interacting with your dog appropriately you will have no need for costly or unnecessary gadgets. You simply require a collar, lead and of course your dog!


— No Hidden Fees

Once you have paid for your consultation, there are no extra costs involved. Additional advice is free of charge.


— Lifetime Support

After your consultation, you are entitled to continuing support for the lifetime of your dog, giving you the security of knowing you can iron out any problems that may occur in the future.


— Quality Control

The quality of the service provided by all Amichien Doglisteners is checked by Jan Fennell and her exclusive team. There is also a worldwide network of Amichien DogListeners who support and advise each other. So in booking with one Amichien DogListener, you are tapping into a huge knowledge base.

Consultation information

Each household is unique.

Most consultations take between one and four hours but can take longer depending on the individual case.   

If you understand the cause, you can deal with the symptom.

During the consultation owners learn to understand why their dogs behave the way they do and how to improve or prevent perceived problem behaviours. This builds the foundation for a cooperative and positive relationship between the owner and dog.

You will be left confident that you can continue to make improvements yourself.

A consultation will finish only when the owner is happy and clearly understands how to progress positively with their dog(s).

Everything is tailored personally for you.

All owners are provided with a personalised ‘Action Plan’ to help them remember the key points discussed at the consultation.

Support and advice for as long as you need it.

Back up by telephone or e-mail is provided for life at no extra cost. Help is always at hand for as long as it is needed.

A positive future becomes a reality.

In many cases owners will see positive changes in their dog’s behaviour during the consultation, although continuing work will naturally be required by the owners to experience permanent changes.

Louise aims to help you build a better relationship with your ‘best friend’, resulting in a happy and well-adjusted dog.

This service  involves an at-home consultation where your dog(s) can be assessed with the family in its own environment.

Following your consultation, you will also be provided with life time back-up and support. 

Benefiting from modern behavioural research, you will be taught how to achieve a relaxed and cooperative relationship with your dog(s).

The techniques you will learn have been proven, not only with pet dogs but also with working dogs worldwide. Over the years professionals in fields such as; explosives ‘sniffer’ dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, dogs for the disabled, boarding kennels, dog groomers, vets and vet nurses have all used Amichien® Bonding with positive results. 

By including all household members (all of the people and all of the dogs) in this process you will achieve the best chance of success. For this reason there is no extra fee if there is more than one dog in your household.

Clients have found that return visits are almost never needed. There is however the flexibility to arrange this at a separately agreed price.  

Before booking a consultation, Louise asks that you read the Dog Listener by Jan Fennell (details below). This will give you a foundation to build on and ensure you get the most out of your consultation.

If you would like an introduction to the Dog Listening techniques, but do not want to book a consultation at this stage, ‘The Dog Listener’ book is a great place to start. It is available free from most libraries or, if you would prefer your own copy, it is available to buy from all good book shops and the following websites.  



Not a book worm? ‘The Dog Listener’ DVD may be the choice for you. Available from the same sources (above), it’s a great way to get the children involved too. 

N.B. Libraries usually charge a small fee for the loan of DVDs.